Emissions and air quality measurements


The Swiss Mobile Aircraft Emissions Measurement System (SMARTEMIS) is a state-of-the-art sampling and measurement system for gaseous pollutants and particulate matter in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards and recommended practices. It is one of three reference measurement systems worldwide for non-volatile particulate matter emissions from aircraft turbine engines.

SMARTEMIS Instruments

Instrument ListFunction/Species measured
Particle Measurement
Present InstrumentsAVL Micro Soot Sensor (MSS)nvPM mass (black carbon) concentration
AVL Particle Counter Advanced Plus (APC)nvPM number concentration
TSI Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer Model 3938 (long and nano DMA) Particle number size distribution
Chell CSM2000 + Photovolt 577PC ( SAE ARP 1179 compliant smoke meter and reflectometer)ICAO Smoke Number
Catalytic Instruments Catalytic Stripper CS08removal of volatile PM fraction
Aerodyne CAPS PMssa Monitor (660 nm)aerosol scattering, extinction, and single scattering albedo (SSA)
Possible extensionsFilter sampling system for thermal-optical analysis
* nvPM = non-volatile particulate matter; DMA = Differential mobility analyzer
Gas phase measurement
Present instrumentsHoriba PG250 multigas analyzerCO, CO2, NOx, SO2
Ecophysics CLD 844 S hr NOx analyzerNO, NO2, NOx
Horiba MEXA 1170HFID Hydrocarbon (HC) analyzerTotal HC
Thermo Scientific 48iQ CO analyzerCO
Thermo Scientific 410i and 410 iQ CO2 analyzers CO2
Thermo Scientific 43i SO2 analyzerSO2
Thermo Scientific 146iQ Multigas calibratorcalibration gas dilution for span and multipoint calibrations
Possible extensionsCustom-built VOC sampling system for thermal desorption GC-MS analysis
SMARTEMIS is a completely mobile system

Handheld aerosol instruments

InstrumentData reported
Naneos Partector 2lung deposited surface area (LDSA), estimated average particle size, number and mass concentrations
Palas Fidas FrogParticle number size distribution (0.18 – 10 microns), particle mass and number concentrations
AethLabs microAeth MA3005 wavelength absorption analysis by measuring the rate of change of transmitted light due to continuous particle deposition on filter at 880 nm (black carbon), 625 nm, 528 nm, 470 nm, 375 nm (UV PM)


LIDAR: Wind Measurement in various Applications

Application includes:

  • Measurement of wind speed and direction around airports to assist pilots and air traffic controllers in understanding the influence of terrain on take off and landing
LIDAR measuring wind speed and direction and their influence on take off and landing of small airplanes
LIDAR measuring wind parameters over the runway of Hausen am Albis airfield. This allows to draw conclusions about wind and its influence on departing and arriving small aircraft.
  • Measurement of downwash and wake vorticies of different aircraft
  • Wind measurements in complex alpine topography for studies of influence from turbulence on air traffic
  • Wind measurements for wind energy potential studies
  • Validation measurements for studies using the PALM model
You can find more information on the LIDAR here.

Computing tools

Speedflyer Cluster

Our computer cluster to conduct numerical weather simulations and more.

The ZAV computer cluster Speedflyer consists of two nodes, named Castor and Pollux, and features two Intel Xeon Platinum 8164 processors per node. That results in 104 usable CPU cores, with which the Speedflyer is a great tool to perform numerical simulations in-house.

Speedflyer specifications

Make and modelLenovo SR650
CPU2 x Intel Xeon Platinum 8164 processor (2,0 GHz, 26 cores, 150 W)
RAM24 x ThinkSystem 32 GB TruDDR4, 2666 MHz (2Rx4, 1,2 V) RDIMM
Storage10x ThinkSystem SAS-512e Hot-Swap-capable 3.5″ 10TB HDD
RAID-ControllerThinksystems RAID 930-16i
InterfacesThinkSystem Mellanox ConnectX-4 FDR InfiniBand/40 Gb Ethernet adapter

Models in Speedflyer:

PALM Model System (Parallelized Large Eddy Simulation Model)

The PALM Model system is a modern high resolution computational fluid dynamics model, mainly used for simulating urban microclimates and planetary boundary layer flows. We have applied this model for simulating urban climate and various wind flow scenarios, including flows in complex Swiss alpine terrain, an application of importance to the Swiss aviation and energy industry. With Speedflyer, we are able to achieve high resolution PALM simulation runs in a reasonable time frame.