Name: Julien G. Anet

Nickname: Dr. Jules

Scientific interests: Meteorology and climate, atmospheric chemistry, and aviation

Outside science: Spending my free time in the wonderful alpine nature in Switzerland with my wife, either road/mountain biking, hiking, cross-country or skiing or mountaineering restores my work life balance and recharges my batteries.

Career story: As a kid, I really liked looking into the sky, searching for planes, or looking at thunderstorm clouds, mountains, and rocks. During high school, my fascination in earth sciences and aviation grew; I wondered  how I could work in both fields at the same time in future. An ETH Masters in Atmosphere & Climate sciences, a PhD in atmospheric chemistry and a private pilot license later, I knew that both fields could be combined elegantly.

So it came about in 2017! The ZHAW School of Engineering offered me an opportunity not only to teach atmospheric physics for aviation, but also to do further research in the broad fields of aviation meteorology, emission measurements, and modelling. This was the beginning of my group. We are now 5 young, fascinated and motivated researchers involved in different projects, both national (e.g. FOCA-funded) and international (e.g. EU-funded). We have also been involved in different consulting projects within the aviation industry.

 I am presently the leader of the Meteorology, Environment and Aviation research group at ZAV.