The ideal opportunity to get to know this part of Europe

My name is Linda Eggenberger, I am from Switzerland and currently studying at the ZHAW School of Engineering for my Bachelor’s degree of science in Aviation. I am a passionate gymnast and love to travel and explore new cultures, especially the northern part of Europe.

It was clear that I wanted to spend my semester abroad in Tartu at the Estonian Aviation Academy. The diverse selection of aviation management modules was very interesting. In addition, the school made a good first impression with its informative homepage. The school seemed modern, new and familiar. Furthermore, I had never been to the Baltics before. Therefore, this was the ideal opportunity to get to know this part of Europe.

The nature, language and infrastructure of Estonia reminded me a lot of Finland, which impressed me, as I am a huge fan of Scandinavia. The Estonian Aviation Academy is quite small compared to the ZHAW School of Engineering. There are just 250 students studying there, which leads to a very familiar atmosphere. The class sizes are also small, between 5 and 25 students. The school has its own flight simulator and tower simulator. We were even allowed to try out the flight simulator, which was a pretty cool experience.

At the Estonian Aviation Academy we were just 11 Erasmus students which meant that we made friends very quickly. We did a lot of things together. For example, we all went on a weekend trip to Tallinn or rented a house with a sauna on the island of Saaremaa. Tartu itself is a charming city with many restaurants, bars and a beautiful city park. There were a lot of fun events and opportunities to meet new people.

Our groupd of Erasmus students was very small, so we became friends quickly.

The semester abroad was an unforgettable experience for me. I can recommend it to everyone. These are experiences and memories that no one can take away. You have the possibility to live in another country for some time and to get to know the culture and the people. It is also a good opportunity to develop both academically and personally.

Christmas market at Tartus townhall square.

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