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«I wanted to go somewhere different»

Roman Zech is studying Transportation Systems at the ZHAW School of Engineering. He currently spends his 4th semester at the Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea. Here’s why he chose to go there:

«I wanted to go somewhere different and that is why I chose Asia. And Korea is known for hardcore learning at Uni. In my case the uni library is open 24/7 to guarantee that you have enough ‘study time’…

After talking to the officials at my uni there where Beijing, Singapore, Hong Kong and Seoul as good options left. I guess that Seoul has a pretty Western World touch, but its very own traditions and rules. And of course, enough courses in English to offer

Read more about Roman’s experience on his blog.

Very interesting and pretty challenging

«This summer I took the chance and went to Seoul for an IAESTE Internship. I worked at the ACE Lab at Hanyang University. This laboratory is one of the leading automotive R&D centers in Korea.

During the two month I stayed there, I developed an application to visualize the data of a LiDAR (Light detection and ranging) sensor. It was a very interesting and a pretty challenging project. At the beginning I got some time for studying the basics, so that I could get familiar with the programs and programming languages that I had to use. Everyone at the office was very friendly and helpful.


I went to Seoul with IAESTE. This was a huge advantage. The local committee organized my room, picked me up at the airport and helped me to get along with the unknown culture. Every weekend they planed as well some activities for the IAESTE trainees and foreign students.

It was an amazing time and I learned a lot about the Koreans, their culture and how they work. It was great to build up friendships with plenty of international students. Finally I’m absolutely glad that I used this unique chance.»

Simon Ritzmann, Student Bachelor’s degee programme Engineering and Managment

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