Stop the clocks in Ireland

Roger Linder stayed in Ireland for a semester. Students and lecturers there seem to be quite similar in one aspect.

My name is Roger Linder, I am from Switzerland and I study Aviation. My hobbies are travelling, playing squash as well as playing guitar. In winter I like snowboarding.

I chose Ireland because it was one of the few countries with English as mother tongue to choose from. My former roommate also spent a semester there and praised the country in high tones, which made the case clear to me.

The school was very different from the Technikum in Winterthur. It is a huge complex that combines lecture rooms, laboratory, sports hall, sports facility, library, gym, Starbucks, canteen, kiosk, bank and hangar. The classes were like the school, to be distinguished from the classes in Winterthur. The students as well as the lecturers usually came 5-15 minutes late and when the bell rang all ran away. Since each lesson was taught in a different classroom with a different teacher, the day sometimes seemed a bit unproductive to me. However, they attached great importance to self-reliance and self-study and they also had some practical work, which I found very positive at school.

The campus of the Institute of Technology in Carlow.

I think I was able to improve my independence a lot during my semester abroad. I also learned to love the country and met many new people with whom I will hopefully stay in touch for a long time. I will never forget this semester.

On the whole, the semester in Ireland was a complete success and a great experience which I can recommend to every student at the ZHAW. A semester abroad is a unique experience that you will never forget.

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