My name is Naxhije Rexhepi. I live in Zurich in Switzerland where I am studying Industrial Engineering, with a focus on Economics and Finance. In my free time I like to eat and do sport. When I’m not at the gym, I go with my friends out, whether in the cinema, in a bar or in the theater. I am interested in many things, because I like to learn something new every day.

I did my semester abroad in Berlin, Germany. I studied mathematics at Beuth, because it’s the same subject as at my home university. I chose Beuth because my study course director recommended it to me. I also informed myself on the website. This university appealed to me more than the other schools.

The very first difficulty I had was public transport. It’s very difficult to explain how to buy a ticket, so on the first day I drove all day without the ticket. In general everything is worse described than in Switzerland.

The first difficulties in the schools were the lack of sockets and the licenses you lacked for a Mac. I had to go back to Switzerland and get a laptop with Windows. Similar or equal is that all information and documents about the subjects are loaded on Moodle.

The most helpful thing for me was my independence, I had to do everything on my own and I personally grew the most from that. From a school point of view, I also developed further. I had to adapt to the type of teaching. I learned in Berlin, especially in the districts of Wedding, Neukölln and Kreuzberg, how well a society from different cultures can live together.

I would recommend everyone to do an exchange semester, you learn so much in such a short time. Whether about yourself or about the country you live in. You stand on your own two feet and have to manage everything, the household, cooking, leisure and of course learning. You face up to your fears and outgrow yourself.

Even if you speak German in Berlin and have the feeling that it can’t be any different from Switzerland. It’s completely different, the kind of people is completely different. Every place has its own charm and its own customs.