IT geek? Go to California State University!

My name is Stefan, I live in Winterthur, Switzerland and study Computer Science at the ZHAW. I’m no CS student by accident – I like technology a lot and like to play around with gadgets of all sorts. To balance out my mostly urban life I like to hike in our beautiful countryside.

I always wanted to gain first hand experience of the North American lifestyle which influences our culture and daily life so much. I applied for different universities in the US and ended up going to the California State University in Long Beach. Can’t go wrong with that as an IT geek, right?

Well California really is as you know it from all the movies! Palm trees, surfer and sunshine almost everyday. The size of everything, including the campus, is just gigantic! I really enjoyed exploring the beautiful nature of the USA. Hiking and camping with new-found friends in the national parks of California was a life-changing experience.

Hiking can be a life-changing experience.

I really enjoyed the close relationship to all the professors and experiencing the really diverse campus lifestyle of an American university. There are so many cultures and heritages meeting each other and the people really to care about each other! Daily life is that much more personal that at home. The only real downside of living in SoCal is that you really do need a car if you want to do pretty much anything.

End a hiking day with a local beer.

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