Incoming portrait: Basil Gygax from UK

My name is Basil Gygax and I am 23 years old. Although I am a Swiss passport holder, I know little about my country as I grew up in the Philippines and Singapore. I am currently enrolled in a BSc in Air Transport Management at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom. My main hobbies include flying (PPL), traveling, long distance running and swimming.

By completing an exchange semester in Switzerland, I was able to benefit in a number of ways. First and foremost, I got to experience my “home country” as a student and interact with likeminded people on a comparable course. ZHAW’s School of Engineering’s reputation, wide choice of modules and friends that already study at this institution all contributed to my choice. I also chose Switzerland and ZHAW specifically with the hope that this exchange semester will open doors on the Swiss job market in the future.

The interactive and engaging teaching style practiced at ZHAW was foreign and eye opening to me as a university student from abroad. I was also positively surprised by the amount of “contact hours” students at ZHAW have compared to my university. Overall however, I believe that the amount of student hours required for a module and the grading of these modules is comparable to my home institution.

My exchange semester at ZHAW allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and experience something new. I leave Switzerland with many positive and memorable impressions. I believe that my most memorable experiences from this semester include the wide variety of outdoor activities I was able to enjoy. These include skiing, river rafting, hiking and biking.

My exchange at ZHAW offered me a good balance between interesting/educational modules and time to socialize and experience all the amazing things Switzerland has to offer. I recommend anyone with an interest in a specific country, culture or course of study to apply for an exchange semester. To truly benefit from an exchange semester, I think it is essential that students have an open and engaging attitude.


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