Carmen Araujo travelled around Switzerland a lot.

Get to know yourself better by studying abroad

My name is Carmen, I´m from Spain and currently I´m studying Industrial Management Engineering at Universidad of Valladolid. My main hobby is to spend time with my family and friends and I quite interested in the fashion industry.

I chose Switzerland because is a country close to mine and that gave me convenience when I had to move, as I am taking courses at both universities at the same time. It’s a good opportunity to get in touch with the German language and to enjoy its spectacular landscapes, it’s a small country that you can travel easily but taking into account its high prices.

There was nothing that especially caught my attention, everything was very easy and comfortable thanks to the international relations office people who do a great job. The way the classes were given at ZHAW School of Engineering was not very different from the way it is done at my home university, so I have felt like home all the time.

The best part of living abroad is the people you meet. We have travel a lot, we have share different cultures and we have helped each other in every issue. A great part of an exchange is the Erasmus Student Network, they have organised events for us every week. Academically, I could improve my English and learn a bit of German and carry out courses quite related with my home university bachelor.

Studying abroad means meeting a lot of students from different countries.

What I take with me from this experience is that I’ve been able to face situations that I did not think of before, it’s a way to know yourself better. And either in Switzerland or somewhere else in the world, I recommend this experience to every student, as part of your CV and mainly, as part of your personal development.

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