Cincinnati calling – “We engineer better”

I am currently hosted by the Novel Device Laboratory headed by Prof. Jason Heikenfeld who is not only a talented scientist but also a successful entrepreneur founder of Eccrine Systems. His lab is located on the 9th floor the Rhodes building and is part of the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences or short CEAS.

The NDL has been very welcoming. The team is extremely nice, and you can feel a real “lab culture” here – and I am not only talking about the numerous beer-related events! 🙂 The laboratory benefits from state-of-the-art infrastructure but I realized that regarding many points, like office space and infrastructure for example, we do have luxury problems at ZHAW! And the students (PhDs included) are cleaning the labs and offices regularly! Hummm… I might finally bring few things back home 🙂

The CEAS is well known at UC and engineering is highly valuated. They have an appealing motto “We engineer better (TM)” that is reminding me the “Es braucht fähige Ingenieure. Wir bilden sie aus” from another famous institution!

One of my aims during this sabbatical year is to foster exchanges between our institutions and put in place a partnership agreement for students and staff exchange. I have been meeting lots of people at the international offices from the different colleges here, with SoE representatives. In addition, I am in contact with potential UC students who would love to come to ZHAW! I am convinced that UC could be an optimal partner for whole ZHAW (and not only the SoE). If you are a ZHAW student or a faculty interested in an exchange or if you would like to learn more about UC, do not hesitate to contact me!


I wish you all a good fall semester start!
*) Mathias Bonmarin is a senior lecturer at the ZHAW School of Engineering. Recently, he was honoured to get a prestigious Fulbright scholarship and therefore he’s at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio for one year as a visiting professor.

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