Cincinnati calling – UC Bearcats vs. A&M Alabama Bulldogs

Hi folks!

Last Saturday, UC was playing against A&M Alabama at the Nippert stadium on campus. What a day!

The match was planned at 7 pm but already at 2, people started gathering on the campus lawn, listening to music and preparing BBQs. The UC marching band together with the cheerleaders took care of the mood! Everybody was wearing the full Bearcats gear from head-to-toe. And it was not only students but people from all age and even families having a good time all together and supporting the university team.
Even the President of UC was there and took a picture with us! 🙂 Representing ZHAW @ UC!

Mathias and his family met Neville G. Pinto, President of the University of Cincinnati.

Very nice unique experience. This is something that is really missing in Switzerland, this vibrant community feeling around their university. I remember being at the ZHAW tenth years anniversary party in Zurich in 2017. It was definitely a great party, but I realized that the integration of the different schools is still not fully completed. And I believe, but that is my opinion, we can do better. Let’s remember UC’s motto “Juncta Juvant”! And who knows, we can maybe organize some ZHAW cheerleaders who looks as great as UCs? 🙂

By the way, UC blasted A&M Alabama 63 to 7 (and yes, we are talking about American football)!

Enjoy the pictures and have a look on my YouTube-channel.

See you next time!
*) Mathias Bonmarin is a senior lecturer at the ZHAW School of Engineering. Recently, he was honoured to get a prestigious Fulbright scholarship and therefore he’s at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio for one year as a visiting professor.

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