Cincinnati calling – The University (Go Bearcats!)

Hi everyone! Time has come to give you an insight about my new home: The University of Cincinnati or UC. Timing could not be better as the university will celebrate its 200 years in 2019!

The moto of this huge party “We are Boldly Bearcat” (if you have read my precedent posts, you should by now know what a bearcat is!):


Where to start… Humm… I think the first thing you notice here: this is HUGE! Almost 45’000 students. Although for American standards the campus is quite small and compact – it is an urban campus located in the city of Cincinnati – coming from Switzerland it is almost a city! Actually, the campus is split in two parts: a main campus and a medical campus, both lying next to each other. There are different free university bus shuttles that will drive you within, between and around the campuses. In the middle of the main campus the large Nippert stadium can handle more than 40’000 bearcats fans. A nice aerial video of the main campus can be found here:


The university is honorably ranked – I believe it would be good for ZHAW to think about ranking especially if one wants to attract exchange foreign students and faculty – with many programs in the top 50. Besides, it benefits from a very good reputation across the nation. UC has been called a “research heavyweight” and “one of America’s top public research universities”. UC scientists invented the world’s first electronic organ, antihistamine, heart-lung machine and oral polio vaccine and Neil Armstrong was even a professor here! Famous alumni have reached the supreme court, the stages of Broadway (the College-Conservatory of Music CCM is internationally renowned) or even designed and built the golden gate bridge in San Francisco. The Children hospital is one of the best in the nation, let’s hope though that we will not have to visit it.
Below you will find some pics from the main campus!


Next time more info about the College of Engineering and Applied Science CEAS and my host institute the Novel Device Laboratory who has been very welcoming and supportive.
Don’t forget: Let’s go UC! 


See you soon!
*) Mathias Bonmarin is a senior lecturer at the ZHAW School of Engineering. Recently, he was honoured to get a prestigious Fulbright scholarship and therefore he’s at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio for one year as a visiting professor.

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