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“I haven’t spent a single weekend at home”

When I started my search for a cool and challenging internship about a year ago, most companies I approached either cancelled their vacancies due to Covid‐19 or stopped sending out internships offers at all. One of the few countries where companies were still hiring was Switzerland. Luckily, the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) was still looking for interns to help with their projects.

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Learn to fly on your own

My name is Choi Serena Kai Xin. I am currently a student in the programme, Aviation Engineering in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I am an energetic person who likes playing table tennis very much. Also, I am a reliable person, my friends always see me as a good listener and a good teammate. Imagine thousands of airplanes that are made up of small gears and machines are flying in the sky, that makes me feel excited and amazed. I am a very inquisitive person and this surely appeals me and also arouses my interests in Aerospace Engineering.

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“It was the first time I saw snow in my life”

Last winter Man Ho Chong came from Hong Kong to Winterthur for a semester in Aviation. A big plus of studying in Switzerland? The snow!

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Studying abroad means studying life

My name is Banthita Ritbandhit and I am a senior student at Thammasat University from Thailand. During this exchange at the ZHAW School of Engineering, my field of study was Information and Communication Technologies because that is also the major I study in my hometown.

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From Grand Rapid to Winterthur

Andrew from the Grand Valley State University (Michigan, USA) decided to spend a semester abroad in Switzerland. He has chosen the ZHAW School of Engineering in Winterthur.

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Von den Zagros-Bergen in die Alpen – Teil 2: Vorsichtige Roboter

Fatemeh und Maryam forschen in ihrer Heimat Iran auf dem Gebiet der Robotik. Für ein Kooperationsprojekt ihrer Hochschule mit der ZHAW School of Engineering haben sie drei Monate in Winterthur verbracht. Im zweiten Teil unseres Interviews stellen sie ihre Arbeit vor.

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Von den Zagros-Bergen in die Alpen – Teil 1: Wo geht’s hier nach Heidi-Land?

Fatemeh und Maryam forschen in ihrer Heimat Iran auf dem Gebiet der Robotik. Für ein Kooperationsprojekt ihrer Hochschule mit der ZHAW School of Engineering haben sie drei Monate in Winterthur verbracht. Wir haben sie zu ihren Erlebnissen und Erfahrungen interviewt.

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Get to know yourself better by studying abroad

My name is Carmen, I´m from Spain and currently I´m studying Industrial Management Engineering at Universidad of Valladolid. My main hobby is to spend time with my family and friends and I quite interested in the fashion industry.

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Winterthur, the perfect starting point for adventures

What would be the perfect home base, if you want to see Europe while studying? And where do you find the perfect mixture of nature and culture at the same time? Viv Marleen Tamme, an Aviation student from Estonia, says Winterthur.

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Knowing how to deal with cultural differences

My name is Ignacio Peluaga Lozada. I was born in Argentina, but moved to Spain at the age of 7.

In Spain I study Computer Science. But I wanted to go to a German speaking country and to a big city. From the available list of German speaking destinations Zurich was the biggest city so I applied to it. Then I found out I would go to Winterthur and not Zurich as it was stated on the list, but this was not a problem at all.

My first impression as introduction was at the Technikum: the building is old, but it’s clean. Back at home the building in which Computer Science is taught is quite new but not as clean and organised as the ZHAW School of Engineering. The infrastructure at the ZHAW School of Engineering is top in my opinion so engineering students can really learn what is needed for nowadays engineer positions.

My most memorable experiences are the ones I lived with the people I met there, specially the other exchange students at the ZHAW School of Engineering during the first semester. Also I had the chance to learn German and to study at an university which teaches what is really needed in the “real world” and not tons of (in a way) useless theory. Thanks to what I learned at ZHAW I was able to find a job in an area of Information Technology that I really like.

Ingacio (left) and fellow students a the Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen.

I did like living in Switzerland as well. Even though it’s expensive everything is clean and organised. Also going on exchange programs is a unique opportunity to meet people from all around the world and to learn from them. Knowing how to deal with cultural differences is important nowadays.

My advice to people who are planning on doing exchanges is not do an exchange year when its going to be your last bachelor’s year and you have to pass 60 credits. You do not know what you will find at the destination university. ZHAW School of Engineering and my home university have different teaching methods and it is quite difficult to get used to this and therefore pass all the exams and get all the credits. Besides that, I would suggest that exchange semesters should be mandatory for Bachelor students because what is learned during that time can not be learned in any other way.

Ignacio (middle) and other exchange students on their trip to Schaffhausen.

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