Broaden your horizon to the east

My name is David Dysli, I live in the German speaking part of Switzerland. I am currently in my last year of my Mechanical Engineering bachelor studies. I am interested in lots of different sports. I went to INHA University in Incheon, south Korea.

I wanted to go to Korea as the school was recomended to me and I wanted to go as far away from Switzerland as possible, as I never had the chance to go outside of Europe. I studied in the field of Mechanical Engineering but wanted to use this chance to broaden my horizon as well. This resulted in my subjects being Robotics, Nano Engineering, Electronic Circuits, Principles of Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Basic Korean.

The first thing which struck me was probably the politeness of the people, they were extremely kind and always helpful when you had questions. This led to situations where Koreans asked me if I needed help or just wanted to talk with me because I come from a different place.

The life on the campus was really similar to the student life in Switzerland, the education was also held in class sizes similar to ZHAW. The workload was also comparable with the one, one has at the ZHAW with some papers and presentations one has to do as usual. The Campus itself was rather big and had various aircraft parked on it as it is sponsored by Korean Air. Apart from the education there are various activities which one can participate. With that, you have for example the chance to go see the North Korean border or go visit famous companies like Hyundai.

While visiting Hyundai Design Studios you can have a look at rallye cars.

Overall just the contact to new people from all around the world was fascinating to me. I talked a lot with people from Korea and outside of Europe about their life and how it is in their country, which I think broadened my horizon by quite a margin. So personally, I did profit a lot from that semester. For the education side it was really interesting to see once some not so strict mechanical engineering topics, especially the business side, which I think is great to have some insight in as an engineer. Overall, I would say the semester will help me in my future because of the many made experiences.

As I said I was never outside of Europe before so it was really great just to see and know another country with all its people, customs and the Landscape. I made a ton of new friends which I hopefully will have the chance to visit again in their country. And to be honest I cannot think of a proper negative thing which really annoyed me or was unpleasant. This is also the reason why I will go back to South Korea when I have the chance.

I would recommend the exchange semester to everyone who wants to experience different cultures and want to see a country a bit more in depth than just on normal holidays. Especially if you like Asian/Spicy food and overall the Asian culture.

The visit of a traditional market is a must.
In Korea you can see a lot of traditional palaces.

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