My name is Tomas Volf. I came from the Czech Republic to Switzerland for my Master thesis. Official field of study is Mechanical Engineering. I do a lot of sport. I like jazz music, mixing cocktails and holiday planning. My employer’s headquarters is settled in Switzerland, so I connected school and work together. I have been to Switzerland previously and I liked the mountains nearby. I have studied a similar field of study and the school had enough experienced cantors.

I had a big problem with finding a suitable parking spot. There are blue zones everywhere. There also was a problem with accommodations as WOKO offers the living contract for minimum half a year. The school has a lot of buildings around the city. Even though it is not a big city, a better marking of classes would be nice.

The insight of local professors is a bit different and it was really nice to see how can you approach to problems differently – what is and is not the priority when testing students. Also the integration among students is priceless. The ESN organization works fine and organizes a lot of events suitable for students. I also appreciated the sport opportunities provided by the school.

I liked to meet other Swiss or international students. The teachers had an entirely different demands than our teachers in home university. Here, they are more focused on practice use and application in industry. I think it would be nice to have an opportunity to try a low paid job in school. Helping doctorate students or something like that.

Staying in Switzerland was good experience, sometimes the Swiss people are a bit too honest and observing rules.