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The best journeys answer the questions you didn’t think to ask

Nadja Mühlebach’s blog of her semester abroad sounds so adventurous that you wouldn’t think she actually went there to study.

As I had lived in Cambridge and Bristol before, I already had an impression of what living in the UK was like. Nonetheless, when I sat in the plane to Manchester I did not really know what to expect. All I knew was that Manchester is said to be an up-and-coming student city with a great music scene and two world-famous football clubs. Weiterlesen

Even if it’s just in your wildest dreams


Andreas Basler studied on the Bachelor programme in Applied Languages with specialisation in Multilingual Communication, and spent a semester abroad at the University of Salford. He writes about his experience as a student at a UK university and the memories that he will cherish from this experience. Andreas’ enthusiasm for Manchester is infectious and, after reading his blog, you are likely to want to visit the city yourself.


My time in Manchester summed up in one word.

It would, however, be wrong to think that this was the only memorable thing about my stay abroad. Weiterlesen