Schlagwort: Auslandsemester

Leipzig erleben

Tipps, wie man sich  mit dem Wetter und dem sächsischen Dialekt in Leipzig am besten anfreundet, gibt uns Sara Marchesi in ihrem Blogbeitrag über ihr Auslandsemester. Weiterlesen

From ZHAW to KSU – A Love Story in Multiple Ways

During her semester abroad in 2015, Jennifer Reinhard fell in love not only with her future husband, but also with her new home. In the following blog post, written a year after her graduation from the ZHAW, she describes her new life.


Un matin à Paris: un trajet en métro pas comme les autres

Paris Eiffelturm

Jasmin Zihlmann, fraîchement diplômée de la ZHAW, a passé un semestre d’échange à Paris. Dans l’extrait de blog suivant, elle nous parle du moment où elle a vraiment commencé à se sentir «parisienne». Weiterlesen

A Life between Two Worlds


Neva Fark’s semester abroad proved to be educational in many respects. Here, Neva, who graduated in 2016, tells us about an experience that made a long-lasting impression on her. Weiterlesen

Si no has visto Granada, no has visto nada

Mirjana Lüthi podría imaginarse irse a vivir a Granada, y no solo por las tapas. En el siguiente blog nos cuenta por qué su estancia en Granada ha sido una experiencia inolvidable, aparte de un viaje por exquisiteces culinarias.

Desde que vi Granada en la lista de universidades extranjeras deseé que esta ciudad se convirtiese en mi nuevo hogar durante cinco meses. Y así fue.



Create your own mix of … London!

„Visiting London is like shopping in an M&M store – an unforgettable experience for all your five senses.“ Christina Luong writes about her eventful time in London as a student at the University of Westminster.


For your eyes: You won’t see a more colourful or confusing place. That’s a good thing as well as a bad thing: if you allow yourself to be too distracted, you’ll get lost.

For your nose: Once you enter this world, you’ll be touched by the smell of sweetness … the sweetness of freedom.

For your ears: As this is a tourist spot, you can hear many different languages – even more than at a language school.

For your taste buds: You’d better prepare yourself for a flavour flash – sometimes it’s pretty hard to sort the good ones into the pot and the bad ones into your crop. Weiterlesen