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Wonderful things happen here

In the University’s official slogan just mentioned above, there is definitely a lot of truth. Once you step onto the main Stag Hill Campus, you start to feel a special atmosphere, a different energy, far away from hectic city life.

Guildford town centre

At least, these were my first sensations when I explored the campus on the day after my arrival. Weiterlesen

Planificando en La Habana

Además de perfeccionar su español, conocer a personas muy interesantes y moverse en una ciudad totalmente distinta a las que conocía, Alice Sommer aprendió durante su semestre en el extranjero que en Cuba no vale la pena planificar: La Habana te depara todos los días muchas sorpresas.

Tomando los mejores cocteles de La Habana en el bar El Del Frente.

Son las ocho de la mañana y el reggaetón está sonando a todo volumen. Tum-ta-tum-ta—tum-ta-tum-ta. Acostada en la cama, planifico mi día: «Me baño, desayuno, a las 9.15 salgo para coger la guagua (bus) o un taxi colectivo y a las 9.45 estoy en la facultad. Después de clases regreso a casa para almorzar y en la tarde voy al gimnasio, a comprar cosas para la casa y a pintarme las uñas. Más tarde podría visitar a mi amiga Ana». Perfecto, tengo un plan. Voy al baño, abro la llave y: ¡No hay agua! «Bueno, no importa, me pongo desodorante y me baño en la tarde. Voy a acostarme otros cinco minutos». A las 9.20 salgo corriendo de mi apartamento y en ese momento pasa un taxi colectivo. «¡Qué suerte!». Subo al taxi. Tum-ta-tum-ta—tum-ta-tum-ta. Llego a la facultad y: «Alice, no hay clases. La profe está enferma». «Bueno, entonces voy al gimnasio ahora, y así puedo hacer otra cosa en la tarde». Weiterlesen

Kia Ora Bro!

Priscilla Nyffenegger was a student in the BA programme in Applied Languages with a specialisation in Multimodal Communication. For her 5th semester, she went to Auckland. She tells us about her extraordinary experiences in the southern hemisphere.

I loved New Zealand’s beautiful landscapes and beaches, but the best thing about New Zealand is definitely its people, who usually greet you with a friendly “Kia Ora Bro”. I loved meeting Kiwis: Pakeha, Maoris and Polynesians. Polynesians are not actually from New Zealand but from the Pacific Islands, such as Fiji, Samoa and Tonga. Many of them live, study and work in New Zealand, and I ended up spending a lot of time with a group of Samoans. Even though I didn’t really understand a lot of what they wrote in our group chat on Facebook (for example „Malo lava“ or „Faafetai uso. Alofa tele atu everyone“), I loved spending time with them.


« Où je peux faire de la musique, c’est chez moi »

Pendant son semestre d’échange à Paris, Sabrina Schärli, a pu non seulement améliorer son français mais aussi faire partie d’un groupe de Brass Band. Voici son témoignage : 

Ce lundi matin, je suis dans le métro. Il n’y a pas beaucoup de monde : C’est encore trop tôt – un peu avant huit heures. Ce jour-là, je ne vais pas à l’université, mais je me rends dans une banlieue parisienne : à Créteil plus précisément, où répète le Paris Brass Band. Weiterlesen

Cheerleading Down Under

Alice Cignetti, who completed her BA in Applied Languages in summer 2017, spent her semester abroad at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia. Here she explains how she managed to become a sportswoman for the first time in her life!

Going to Murdoch University was not only about going to Australia and improving my English. It was also about becoming a cheerleader. Of course, the primary goal was to pass every Unit. Who wants to stay one more semester in grey Winterthur surrounded by stressed Swiss-Germans after sunny Australia and chilled Aussies? You get my point…

My semester abroad would not have been the same if I had not have been part of the Murdoch Vikings Cheerleaders. Weiterlesen

The best journeys answer the questions you didn’t think to ask

Nadja Mühlebach’s blog of her semester abroad sounds so adventurous that you wouldn’t think she actually went there to study.

As I had lived in Cambridge and Bristol before, I already had an impression of what living in the UK was like. Nonetheless, when I sat in the plane to Manchester I did not really know what to expect. All I knew was that Manchester is said to be an up-and-coming student city with a great music scene and two world-famous football clubs. Weiterlesen

Leipzig erleben

Tipps, wie man sich  mit dem Wetter und dem sächsischen Dialekt in Leipzig am besten anfreundet, gibt uns Sara Marchesi in ihrem Blogbeitrag über ihr Auslandsemester. Weiterlesen

From ZHAW to KSU – A Love Story in Multiple Ways

During her semester abroad in 2015, Jennifer Reinhard fell in love not only with her future husband, but also with her new home. In the following blog post, written a year after her graduation from the ZHAW, she describes her new life.


Un matin à Paris: un trajet en métro pas comme les autres

Paris Eiffelturm

Jasmin Zihlmann, fraîchement diplômée de la ZHAW, a passé un semestre d’échange à Paris. Dans l’extrait de blog suivant, elle nous parle du moment où elle a vraiment commencé à se sentir «parisienne». Weiterlesen

A Life between Two Worlds


Neva Fark’s semester abroad proved to be educational in many respects. Here, Neva, who graduated in 2016, tells us about an experience that made a long-lasting impression on her. Weiterlesen

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